The Founder and CEO, Greg Allen, explains why Rhythmic Rebellion was born, why it's good for songwriters and all music creators, and why the business model is the future of music streaming.

Visit this site to learn more about our mission to help artists and songwriters increase their incomes. You retain all your rights.  In the future we will retain a small percentage of your sales. For now it's free.


Karen Waldrup is one of our top artists!

She takes full advantage of all our features to entertain and monetize her fans.


Allison gives an overview of the software and explains how a website built on Rhythmic Rebellion makes YOU money!

Music Creators - Join the Rebellion! Build a FREE website that makes YOU money!
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Make Money as a Music Creator on Rhythmic Rebellion!
To all the music creators out there! We are starting a Rebellion in the music industry! We are a new online music platform, created by music creators... for music creators. We are called Rhythmic Rebellion! Join the Rebellion! It's free to sign up and all promotional tools such as the website builder for musicians is free! Finally, a platform that's puts artists first. Start monetizing your music, and taking your music career to the next level.

Your fans want to do more than just listen. They want to participate. They want to engage! Our Fan Song Mixer gives your fans entertainment they are willing to pay for. Tap this button to load Karen Waldrup's song "Justified" and see for yourself!

Justified Fan Song Mixer

When you sign up as a music creator at Rhythmic-Rebellion.com you get access to our website builder allowing you to create your own Fan Song Mixers and Karaoke. You can create content on hidden pages that your fans pay to access. We provide you with a comprehensive song and album release system so you can schedule music releases on your website. We provide you with your own merch store. You can bundle together your songs, the Fan Song Mixer, Karaoke, and access to hidden pages. This creates value that your fans are happy to pay for. The software is free to use.  In the future we will retain a small percentage of your sales. We don't get paid unless you do.

Plus, we have Apple and Android apps that your fans can download to play your music and other content on! Fans have their own accounts and our platform is the fan's cloud storage for your music.